Who am I

My name is Joekim. I have been working as a hairdresser for 30 years.

I have done most stuff in hair-business from fashion-shows, television and salon-work. And I have found my love for the natural casual look.


I had a salon for 16 years, but needed a break. And now after 3 years I’m ready for a

new beginning.


I’m focused  on healthy hair. That means hair-cut and color that does not have an expire date and don’t need styling to look good. It’s my goal to make sure, your hair is as healthy as possible or at least to make a plan towards it.


Beside that I’m educated hydro-therapist. It’s a relaxing massage-treatment done floating in 36-38 degree. It make your spine relax, and your reptile brain let go for a while. It might take you to a undisturbed dream state of mind.

I will later on offer this treatments.


Femte Til Højre is based on 5 floor, there is no lift, so you can skip the workout the day you come. If you have a problem due to health and entering the stairs, reach out for home visit.